Cristina Benitez Flamenco Company


Dancer and Choreographer graduated by ‘El Conservatorio de Barcelona’ with High Honors and Extraordinary Dancing Award



With more than 20 years experience as professional dancer, she has danced and given lessons in over 20 countries.

“I remember the beginning of my professional life, I didn’t know it then, but it was when my mother gave me my first dancing shoes, I was four years old”


Among its brilliant curriculum, stand out jobs as Soloist Dancer on the movie ‘IBERIA’, by prestigious  CARLOS SAURA.

With theaters and ‘ Tablaos ‘  as natural environments, she has shared stages with artist of the caliber of: Diego Amador, Raquel Heredia ‘La Repompa ‘, Jesús Carmona, Aida Gomez, ‘El Guadiana ‘, Carmen Cortés, Gerardo Nuñez, Manuel Montero, Livio Gianola or Jorge Pardo, among many others.